We live in a technologically advanced world that is often stated as a global village, where geographical boundaries become meaningless. However, in reality, the boundaries between countries were always there and are of great importance. One of the key issues facing the world nowadays is illegal migration. There are several deriving reasons leading to migration, and it resultantly has dire consequences on the economy of a country. This is the main reason making it an issue of great concern.

What is illegal Migration?

When people move across boundaries or borders, it is known as migration. This process is governed by numerous rules, regulations and legal bindings. The immigrants need to have some legal documents and follow the migration rules. There is a lack of documents or abidance by rules, known as illegal migration. The person involved in it is known as an illegal migrant against whom legal action is taken.

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Causes of Illegal Migration

Following are the main reasons compelling people to move out of their countries and enter other territories illegally.


Poverty is a leading cause, especially among underdeveloped nations, leading people to choose unfair means to enter other countries illegally. People who live below the poverty line struggle even for their basic needs. They seek developed countries as a source of eradicating their poverty and providing them with basic rights. Since they are poor, they are usually illiterate and have minimum knowledge of international laws. Also, they lack the financial resources to make arrangements for legal documents and other formalities. In an attempt to make a difference in their lives, they tend to migrate illegally to the USA.


This is yet another common issue among under-developed countries, with a lack of general awareness. Overpopulation creates a scarcity of available resources. This creates massive competition among the individuals to get the required resources. Problems such as environmental pollution, scarcity of food and water reservoirs, and lack of health facilities worsen the condition. Due to this, people try to find a way out of that situation, and they look towards countries with better facilities and opportunities. To reach there, they sometimes use unfair means, such as violating migration laws.


Military action are never welcoming, and they always bring with their destruction. War fares can be a leading reason why people are compelled to evacuate their homeland and seek asylum anywhere else. Unfortunately, there is a war going on in several countries. To save their own and their loved ones’ lives, people flee from their countries and illegally migrate to some other, such as the USA. Most countries allow such victims to enter their countries and do not regard them as illegal migrants. They have to request asylum, which gives them the status of refugees if accepted.

Effects of illegal Migration

When some people move from their country to another, violating the legal process has consequences on the country and the immigrants. Following are some effects, discussed briefly.

Increased Burden on public utility services

Since the migrants enter a country and live there, they also tend to utilize public utility services. It has an impact on the availability of resources to locals. To meet the need of more people, there rises the need to expand the resources. For this, funds are needed in taxes, and migrants do not pay taxes. This means that they consume from an economy but do not add value to it.

Fewer Employment Opportunities

Poverty, overpopulation, and lack of resources prove to be driving forces to trigger migration. Migrants are usually ready to work even at the lowest rate. Due to the large labour force in the market, the wage declines, and there is a shortage in response to surplus workers. It decreases the employment opportunities for the local people. They are deprived of the potential opportunities that could have benefitted them at better rates.

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